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Three Reasons to Train at BB3 Personal Training & Performance Center

1. Motivating and Inspiring Environment

Let’s face it, most gyms are nothing more than a nightclub with a different dress code. People meander through the maze of equipment with little to no support. The end result …well …there are no results. It is rare to see any great physical change occur in these places.

Every inch of our 5,000 square foot facility is designed to motivate, educate and inspire you to achieve your all-time physical best. From the temperature of the workout floor to the professional gym equipment to the volume of the music, everything enhances our optimal training environment. No sweaty, broken equipment or people looking for a date here. No way, no how! What makes the greatest difference is the quality of the people who train and work here. You feel right at home when you enter through the gym doors.

“BB3 Personal Training and Performance Center is unlike any training facility I have experienced. No doubt the gym has the best equipment and training professionals. There is something even more exciting to me about BB3 — the atmosphere. You can feel the positive energy as you enter – seeing people already hard at work pumping iron and obtaining their fitness goals. Not only do the trainers inspire me, but so do the other members of the gym. We all try to help each other because we all have the drive to succeed – and the success is contagious.”
Chris Grillo

2. Highly Skilled and Motivating Personal Training Professionals

BILLY BECK III (BB3 for short) Personal Training & Performance Center is owned and operated by 2-time MET-Rx World’s Best Personal Trainer, Billy Beck III. Billy’s vision was to gear every aspect of the facility towards one objective – RESULTS. The personal training team is held to the highest standards and is required to relentlessly improve their skills through year round education courses and workshops collectively referred to as Super Trainer University. As a result, the personal training staff is a virtual All-Star team of the best in the business. In fact, where do personal trainers go when they want to learn? Yes, you guessed it. They come to us.

3. Proven Track Record for Getting Results

Come in to our facility and look around. Then come back three months later and you will see for yourself. Our clients get RESULTS. From busy entrepreneurs to full time mothers to professional athletes we get results with our unique scientific approach to creating physical results.

Our BB3 Personal Training System is a highly effective
5 step process:

  1. Capture data via advanced assessment techniques to determine what works best for your individual body type. These include a health history questionnaire, Biosignature Hormonal Imbalances, Zinc Status, Body Composition Analysis and Metabolic Testing. All of which are non-invasive techniques that pinpoint your unique needs and speed fat loss and muscle gain 2 – 3x times the normal rate.There is no one training program or diet that works for everyone. If you’re not assessing then your guessing.
  2. The data from the assessment is then used to create a specialized resistance training, cardiovascular, nutrition and supplement protocol.
  3. Your BB3 Personal Training Professional educates and empowers you on how to incorporate the plan into your daily life without turning your world upside down. You can expect to know more than 90% of personal trainers in as little as four months!
  4. Next, you attack your plan to the best of your ability with your BB3 Personal Training Professional coaching you along the way.
  5. Every 4 weeks, we measure your results, and then modify the plan to prevent plateaus and create ongoing physical change!

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say…

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Jonathan Keller Before


Jonathan Keller After


Client Testimonals

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