Body Composition Testing

Body Composition testing is the best method used to determine whether a client is moving in the right direction or if we need to make some modifications to his/her protocol. For example, if a client is losing muscle there are two options:

1. Increase the amount of food the client is ingesting


2. Decrease the amount of cardio

Either option will put the client back into a fat burning state. Without this information from the body composition, many people would take the opposite approach and continue to lose muscle. This slows metabolism and increases the body’s ability to store fat.

Our staff utilizes the most cutting edge technology – Body Metrix Ultrasound System. This high precision device allows us to accurately measure changes in body fat, lean muscle and hydration levels. In addition, we determine the amount of calories your body needs to change. No guessing. We use a scientific approach to get RESULTS.

Our team of trainers are highly skilled and continually improve their abilities in our year round trainer training program known as Super Trainer University. Thus, you can be confident in the accuracy of your results.