Alison Rials

Alison is over 60 and overcame double knee replacement surgery to be a finalist in the BB3 LEAN & Mean Challenge!!!

She lost 22 pounds!


Before: 142lbs. After: 120lbs

Body Fat %

Before: 39.8% After: 31.8%

Circumference Measurements:

Hips – Before: 38.5 inches After: 35 inches
Waist – Before: 36.5 inches After: 31 inches
Thigh – Before: 21 inches After: 18.5 inches

The 90 Day LEAN & Mean Challenge…

It’s a thought at first, but then it becomes a reality. At the BREAKTHROUGH Seminar, Billy and his guests all told amazing stories about people who had taken the 90 Day Challenge. They all looked amazing. “I could never do that” was my thought that evening. But it wasn’t until after I broke the board and Syl introduced herself that I started to think that just maybe I could do this. Her infectious smile and a few simple inquiries really propelled this thought. After her comment – “See you soon” – I knew I had to see what was going on at the open house. What I saw, I liked- with the trainers in the gym with the clients, the variety of classes and the friendly atmosphere. Even Billy spent about 20 minutes talking about the program and other aspects of training. Training involves the mind as well as the body. So I signed up for an assessment.

The day arrived and I met Loryn. The measurements and weight were no surprise – just as bad as I felt. We discussed diet and a workout schedule. Due to bad knees I could only really work my arms and abdomen. Loryn pushed me every workout, but she made it fun and effective. At the end of 30 days, I had lost 10 pounds and changed my measurements for the positive. I did my part with the diet of fire and fuel meals.

My double knee replacement took me away for the next 60 days- much more than I had expected for this procedure. But I continued to eat clean and have lost an additional 12 pounds. I’m looking forward to continuing my challenge to become a well toned person – physically and mentally.

Thanks BB3 staff for your help.

– Alison Rials