Julian Rubio

Lean & Mean Challenge

So this year I turn 53. Not that I am already working on a bucket list, but with time I am focusing more on the challenges that I failed to meet than on the successes that I have accomplished. In life, you win some battles and you lose some, not a big deal, you just move along to the next day. Although the worst is losing the same battle over and over again. This has been the case with my physical condition for the past 20 years. Feeling at my worst ever, physically and somehow mentally, I decided that something definitely had to be done.

Attending the Lean & Mean Challenge Seminar was a breakthrough in figuring out the reasons that made me fail before. Learning about BB3 ‘s scientific approach to wellness really put things into perspective. BB3 encompasses a sophisticated method combining exercise and a balanced diet for results. Breaking the wooden board (by the way, it does not hurt!) was the start of a commitment to change.

The first thing that you feel when you come to BB3 is a burst of positive energy. From the receptionist to the trainers to the members, everybody is friendly, full of energy and committed to results. I soon realized that food and exercise don ‘t mix well with options. We fail because we have options, and with every option we always have a valid excuse. Images from the past come to my mind: “I am not feeling well this morning, I might be getting sick, I better stay in bed instead of going to the gym, that fried calamari looks really good and I do not want to make the client feel bad by not eating, this exercise program calls for at least 12 repetitions, but I might be hurting myself … ” So I started applying the “NO OPTION ” rule to the exercise program at BB3. Arriving home late the night before, there is NO OPTION but going to the gym the next day. There is NO OPTION but eating the right food. If the trainer says 10 to 15 repetitions, there is NO OPTION but 15 …

Training with Sylvia was totally different than what I had experienced before (and harder!). The positive reinforcement at every step, the pursuit of perfection in the form, it all helps to push further every day, and accomplish things that you did not think you could. You go for the Hulk, the Ironman, and you find strength where you thought you had none. Having to fit a few weeks of traveling during the challenge was … a challenge. I could not imagine myself before exercising “Syl ‘s road program” on the rooftop of an apartment building in Madrid in 30 degree weather or in Chicago climbing up and down (twice!) the 22 floors at the hotel where I was staying, after an upper body workout and 30 minute interval cardio exercise.

And then the magic starts working. You start feeling the change, the power in you, the satisfaction of accomplishing more every day, those pants starting to fit loose… and that pushes you further and further. You feel the positive reinforcement of your trainer, the support of your fellow members at the gym, and the magic keeps on working. A fellow coworker not much given to praise looked at me a few weeks ago and asked me, “You have been training, haven’t you? Well, it is working!”. The mirror is more of a friend than it used to be, and I feel much better about myself and more open and optimistic with people around me.

Every day you get more addicted to the sweet drug of exercising, and before you know it, the challenge is over. Some people may find relief with the challenge finishing this week and getting back to their regular routine. Although an important landmark, to me it is not such a big of a deal as I thought it would be at the beginning of it. The way I see it, this is not the end of the challenge because the real challenge starts now, to continue with the program that I set for myself. There is still more work to do, and it does nothing for you to accomplish so much in three months to then lose it in one by going back to old habits. I want to be and feel the best I can in every moment and stage of my life and make this challenge a life commitment. I enjoy the way I feel and how I see myself and I will not give this up for anything else.

What this challenge has done for my body is tremendously valuable. What it has done for my mind… priceless!

“The sculpture is inside of the rock. You just have to chip off the pieces around it.”