5 Keys To Losing Weight & Burning Fat

  1. Detoxify Body
  2. Optimize Digestion and Absorption
  3. Optimize Hydration Levels
  4. Balance Hormone Levels via exercise, nutrition and natural supplementation.
  5. Optimize Recovery and Sleep

How We Do It: BB3 Training System

  1. Capture data via advanced assessment techniques to determine what works best for your individual body type. These include health history questionnaire, Biosignature Hormonal Imbalances, Zinc Status, Body Composition Analysis and Metabolic Testing. All of which are non-invasive techniques that pinpoint your unique needs and speed fat loss and muscle gain 2 – 3x times the normal rate.There is no one training program or diet that works for everyone. If you’re not assessing then you’re guessing.
  2. The data from the assessment is then used to create a specialized resistance training, cardiovascular, nutrition and supplement protocol.
  3. Your BB3 Training Professional educates and empowers you on how to incorporate the plan into your daily life without turning your world upside down. You can expect to know more than 90% of personal trainers in as little as four months!
  4. Next you attack your plan to the best of your ability with your BB3 Training Professional coaching you along the way.
  5. Every 4 weeks, we measure your results and then modify the plan to prevent plateaus and create ongoing physical change!

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